Bankruptcy Knoxville

Millions of Americans are facing financial trouble. Are you one of them? Then you’re at the right place.

If you’re struggling to meet all your financial obligations, then you probably feel like the chips are stacked against you and you have no way out. But in reality, the law is on your side. You simply need to use it to your advantage instead of letting your creditors continue to abuse your rights. Tennessee law allows consumers to protect themselves through bankruptcy.

If done the right way, bankruptcy will put you on the path to sound financial footing and allow you to possibly keep many of your assets.

MLF is a full-service and experienced mybkhelp bankruptcy lawyers and we’re here to help you get the help you need. We offer consultations with no obligation. Simply call us today to set up an appointment and we’ll start right away to help you get your life back on track.

Remember, bankruptcy means solutions. Call us today to get your personalized solution from an experienced Knoxville bankruptcy attorney. With our help, you can get a fresh start to your finances.

When you come to see us, the consultation and advice are completely and there is never any obligation. After discussing your case with us we will outline a customized plan specific to your needs. We’ll work to get the best possible bankruptcy outcome for you.

Working with us you will be given a full bankruptcy evaluation and all your options will be thoroughly discussed. Our attorneys are familiar with the Tennessee and federal laws and can easily guide you through the process and inform you of any pitfalls.

Why You Should Call Us?

When it comes to your financial well-being, you shouldn’t take chances. Our firm has the skill and experience to get the law working for you rather than against you. We’ll stop the creditor harassment and negotiate on your behalf with creditors and the Bankruptcy Courts. With our help you may be able to discharge most or even all of your debts and safeguard your assets where possible. If nothing else, come in and meet with us so you can see what your options are. Then you’ll be able to make a decision that works for you.

What happens in the Bankruptcy Process?

The bankruptcy process begins when we file a petition in court on your behalf. At the same time we will file a list of assets and liabilities you have and a statement of your current income and spending. This information is used by the Courts to determine your obligations and ability to repay. We will also submit tax returns, copies of contracts and leases, and a certificate of credit counseling. Within 20-40 days a meeting of creditors will be held.

This meeting will occur downtown at the U.S. Courthouse on Market Street. At this meeting your creditors and the Trustee will be able to ask questions about your income, debts, and assets. Ten days later the Trustee will file a report that states whether you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief. If not, you may be able to file under Chapter 13. Typically within four months of filing the petition the discharge will occur and the bankruptcy will be complete.